Inspection and Supply Chain Support Services

A provider of independent and impartial Inspection and supply chain support.

Most companies face time and resource constraints. RPW Systems can alleviate this by providing a inspection and supply chain management services rather than this activity being conducted by your personnel. This service can be on an ad hoc basis or regular visits at designated hold points as per an inspection test plan. We will ensure that your equipment is being progressed as per your purchase order requirements. We will provide immediate feedback by an exit call supported by a detailed visit report feedback on the status and issues so as to remedy the situation in the most efficient manner. RPW Systems offers independent inspection service to industry to give assurance that products are fit for purpose.

General Inspection

Vendor Inspection, also referred to Third Party Inspection, covers inspection activities performed at manufacturer's facility. RPW Systems have 25 year’s experience in the electrical, electronics and general fabrications industries. RPW Systems will undertake work objectively and without any bias to ensure our clients receive the best quality service.

Electrical Hazadous Area Equipment Inspections

RPW Systems conduct documentation reviews and visual inspections of equipment, that has to comply with ATEX requirements, at the Vendors facility prior to delivery. This ensures that the Client is provided with compliant equipment prior to delivery. CompEx is a nationally recognized qualification and is the only nationally recognized course and qualification in explosive atmospheres installation and inspection. RPW Systems is CompEx certified to the Ex01, Ex02, Ex03 and Ex04 modules.

Certificate is available on request.

Packing and Shipping Inspection

Pre-shipment inspection is a part of supply chain management and an important and reliable quality control method for ensuring the goods arrive as expected. RPW Systems provide an inspection service that verifies that quantities, types shipped and that the packaging meets the requirement of Clients specification, ISPM15 or any other country specific regulation.

RPW Systems provides verification of identification marking and offers loading and unloading supervision which involves, checking of load condition, identification of the loaded items with the previously inspected consignment and the associated documentation.


When suppliers’ schedules slip, yours can too and sending your employees to monitor and expedite production and shipping on-site at suppliers' facilities can often be costly and disruptive to your operations. Also various other scheduling problems can also arise from having too many procurement activities to perform and too few people to manage them. To support your procurement team, we can provide experienced expeditors.

The aim of the expediting process is to Identify and resolve supplier delivery obstacles in a timely manner to ensure the delivery date of the equipment is maintained. Expediting can be carried out at manufacturers' facilities orn supported by desk expediting

The benefits of outsourcing your process are

  • Lower costs than employing staff directly thereby providing better control of overheads,
  • Support always available at the end of the phone,
  • Activities are planned and carried out so no more leaving things until the last minute,
  • We keep our skills and expertise up to date with no expense to you,
  • Allows your personnel to concentrate on their core roles.

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